About Us

Christel and the Christel Trio are a Seattle-based trio for hire, performing live music in WA & OR across a diverse range of genres. Pop-centric in delivery but always true to time period of the music. Their repetoire and styles range through Pop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Motown, Latin and Dance.

With sound and style refined by over 75 years of combined musical experience, the "Christel" trio brings an evening of favorites you won’t soon forget. Joined by husband Kent on keyboards, and featured guests including EJ Erickson on Sax/Percussion, Christel VanderWeide brings her warm and sultry vocal style to songs both classic and current, in arrangements that never fail to please.

Whether you’re looking for an evening of dance, romance, chill, dining or table-talk, this trio has all the sounds to custom tailor an unforgettable evening for your event and venue.

Trio Members

Christel (lead vocals), Kent (keys/vocals) and EJ (sax/percussion) easily have over 75+ years of live music performance between them.

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Nifty website with cool tracks but what does Christel really sound like? Go ahead... see what your fellow lovers of great live music are saying about Christel
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